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Wizard, Mucker(Programmer), and Meeper Levels

Flags Title Description
M Meeper Allows MPI access
M1 Mucker 1 Programmer Level 1: 20k instruction limit, local access only.
M2 Mucker 2 Programmer Level 2: 80k instruction limit
M3 Mucker 3 Programmer Level 3: 320k instruction limit.
W Mage Includes (M)eeper, minimum level to use muf connection prims, multiple object creations, and unlmited instruction limit for MUF. Able to chown or modify any object not owned by a higher level wizard.
W2 Wizard Includes all of Mage priviledges, can chown or modify Mage (or lower) owned objects. Able to set meeper and mucker levels.
W3 ArchWizard Includes all of Wizard priviledges, can chown or modify Wizard (or lower) owned objects.
W4 Boy Includes all of ArchWizard priviledges, ability to chown or modify Archwizard owned objects. Able to set Wiz levels less than W4.
#1 The Man All the above, able to set players "Boy" or W4.

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