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Glowmuck MUF Editor Commands

To get into the MUF program editor, use either @prog <dbref|name> (for a new program) or @edit <dbref|name> (for a program already on the muck).

A quick summary of the possible commands(all may be abbreviated to one letter except 'def'):

Program Commands

compileCompile the program
<line#> [line#] deleteDeletes either line <line#> or lines <line#> to [line#]
[line#] insertBegins insertion of program text at the current line or at line [line#].
[line#] [line#] list Lists the current line, line [line#] or lines [line#] to [line#].
uncompileUncompiles the program (mainly for server debugging purposes).
helpGives you the builtin help.

Macro & Library Commands

[text] abridgedLists (names only) all macros or macros matching [text].
def <name> <definition>Defines macro <name>.
<macro-name> killDeletes macro <macro-name>.
[text] showLists (names and definitions) of all macros or macros matching [text].
<dbref> viewShows any comments at the top of library referred to by dbref <dbref>. Note: This is one of the annoying exceptions to the rule about all dbrefs needing a #. View doesn't understand if you use #.

Wherever a command takes [text] as a matching, keep in mind it does do partial matching, but only left to right ...which means a show will match macros beginning with 'a', but not macros with 'a' in the middle.

NOTE: all the commands with the exception of 'def' require the arguments (line numbers, text to be matched, etc.) to be BEFORE the command:

1 2 delete -- deletes lines 1 2
a show -- lists all macros starting with 'a'

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