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MUF Notation

When describing MUF primitives, library functions, or other functions there is a common notation used to describe the stack before and after the command is executed.

The following symbols represent the various data types:

--The primitive or function itself
aaddress of a function
b(or bool) an integer that only will have 0 or 1 as it's value
ddatabase reference (e.g. #1)
x, y, zAny of the above
X#, Xn (where X is one of the above) refers to the #th of that type: d1 d2 d3 refers to the 1st dbref, 2nd dbref..etc.

Using these symbols, a function or primitive is described like this: getpropval ( d s -- i )

The symbols 'd s' which are before the -- are stack items that the primitive (getpropval) needs. The symbol 'i' represents the integer that will be pushed onto the stack after the primitive executes.

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