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If you're wanting to download the GlowMUF package, you can find it on the downloads page. If you're wanting the very latest version of a specific program you can get it from this page: GlowMUF.

First, a few comments on what GlowMUF is and what it is not. GlowMUF is a collection of MUF libraries and programs that one could consider "standard". The libraries, in particular are nearly required for every Glowmuck to at least have on hand. GlowMUF is NOT intended to be your only source of MUF programs. While an effort is made to make the programs generic and customizable as possible, the programs in this package will not meet the needs of every glowmuck. We fully expect glowmucks to be filled with custom programs, written by MUF programmers throughout the internet.

Design Goals

Below is a list of ways that we intend to standardize the programs in the GlowMUF package. This is an evolving standard and none of the items are "set in stone". Bringing all the programs "up to standard" is an ongoing process, so expect the quality of the programs to vary program to program. If you're interested in the nitty-gritty details of the standardization process, you can look at the list of nitpicks, er, the standard.

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